... a compilation  as an inspiring bridge between the world horizons. Digitally recorded life changing moments are coming alive again. A private collection with lively resonance experiences. The core of the concept is to make these digital works and memories  availabe to all - e.g. via retro medial book form or photo art. Many thanks to all readers and interested parties.

Live more Divinity


A journey with Attilio Ferrara, healer and ambassador
To be ordered at Tredition Publishing or in any book store or online - ISBN: 978-3-8495-7646-2

[ in  German ]

Readers Feedback

This book is always close to me,...

... if I didn´t feel well, I took the book into my bedroom.

N.N. from Munich

The energy flows ...

 As I took the book in my hand, the energy was flowing through the whole body.

A.W: from Nuremberg

China journey


Experience the Middle Kingdom in Pictures
► the light net for truth and clarity.
Light column and high pressure so powerful
►  the sky shared.
Buddhist art in the highest perfection.
Preserved past - World Cultures


[Textual description in German]

Mexico description


In the realm of Inca, Maya and Aztec
On the road in the divine order.
World light column in Teotihuacán
 ► a pink wind rose.
Monte Alban - the largest energetic sun in the world.
The power of the word!

Hot shots and many pictures of the journey with special magic


[Textual description in German]

#get involved - engaged (In-)Sights

  • a flash of a moment -  photos are timeless 
  • the picture tells you everything
  • with open heart than magic happens